NHT056: MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Instrumental #2


Welcome to this weeks NEVER HEARD THAT.

I wasn’t sure which MY BLOODY VALENTINE track to select and may have taken the easy way out.

This song, Instrumental Track Number 2 for me is a transitionary one. With a more electronic sound this is like the blueprint which hints on how they achieved the deeper sounds in their highly regarded album LOVELESS.

If you like the sound of this song, then I urge you to listen to the LOVELESS track To Here Knows When.

It is an extraordinarily edgy and innovative piece of music which they had the courage to release as a single. Music as Art. Some will love, some will not.

In the meantime, I really hope that you enjoy this weeks NEVER HEARD THAT.

Cheers, Andrew Muecke

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Here is a link to the Podcast on YouTube

Here is a link to the NEVER HEARD THAT Podcast on YouTube

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