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Welcome to this week’s NEVER HEARD THAT.

NEW ORDER are a very well-known band with many book and films written about them and their first incarnation JOY DIVISION.

By the release of the stand-alone single Blue Monday and their second album, Power, Corruption and Lies in 1983, NEW ORDER had arguably transcended JOY DIVISION and created something bigger.

This was the sound of independent dance being established and the birth of what was to be known as the Madchester scene – high flying bands originating from Manchester in the UK.

More so than any particular song, it is the overall sound which courses through the album that makes it both vital and fun – this was the sound of a band on a journey of discovery and really working together. This feeling of togetherness was also something that the band struggled to replicate as time went on.

I hope that you enjoy this taste of an important album.

Cheers, Andrew Muecke

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