NHT109: MEN AT WORK – It’s A Mistake


Welcome to this weeks NEVER HEARD THAT.

It must be an incredible feeling when your debut album tops the charts all around the world. You can imagine that it would have to be both a very happy and very surreal sensation.

In fact, it is hard to think of anything negative that might come from such an outcome. Perhaps one of the few things is that it might overshadow what comes next.

This is perhaps true of Australia band MEN AT WORK. Their debut album Business As Usual was enormous. So enormous that their second album was already complete whilst the debut was still high in the charts.

Second album, Cargo, wasn’t as big as Business As Usual, but maybe that was because the world was simply not yet ready to move on. Today’s track, I think, is a reminder of how good that second album is.

I hope you enjoy this weeks NEVER HEARD THAT.

Cheers, Andrew Muecke


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