NHT092: FLEETWOOD MAC – Albatross


Welcome to this weeks NEVER HEARD THAT.

I think the feature song for today is a great one for Pub trivia.

I suspect that if you had a table of six people, all would have heard it before but one would definitely know the answer, one would be pretty sure, two would be willing to go with the flow and the final two would not be sure but would be fighting the others to tell them they are wrong.

These things can happen when you start your band in 1967 and are still touring and recording albums more than 50 years later. Such as it is with FLEETWOOD MAC.

Todays track is from the version of the band back from when they started and back before multi million selling albums and worldwide adulation.

I hope you enjoy this weeks NEVER HEARD THAT.

Cheers, Andrew Muecke

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