NHT062: FALLING JOYS – Burnt So Low


Welcome to this weeks NEVER HEARD THAT.

When you meet some friends down at a pub for a drink which also hosts bands, you dont necessarily have any expectation for what you might hear.

And so it was when I did this very thing one night out in Canberra when a brand new band called FALLING JOYS were playing.

I was quite enjoying what I heard in the background but then they started to play todays feature song Burnt So Low. Its rocking groove got me immediately and all my attention was cast on to them.

They since went on to have a great career and achieved many highs. I am going to ignore that though and go for this first track. I could only get my hands on the original 7 inch recording so it is pretty low fi but maybe that is apt. Close your eyes, have a listen and imagine yourself in a dark and dingy pub.

I hope that you enjoy this weeks NEVER HEARD THAT.

Cheers, Andrew Muecke

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