NHT023: STEVE HILLAGE – Palm Trees



STEVE HILLAGE has had a long and rich musical history starting in the late 1960s.

He has travelled through psychedelic music, had a hugely successful solo career and been an EDM (electronic dance music) pioneer.

All this whilst being championed as a guitar virtuoso (and continuously accumulating honours from the industry at a fast rate).

One thing for sure is that he was adept at writing great songs.

I hope you enjoy this weeks NEVER HEARD THAT.

Cheers, Andrew Muecke


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  1. LisaSunriseGirl says:

    Psychedelic Friday Vibes…. ever sooo smooth 🙂 niiiccceeeee!

    • admin says:

      Good stuff Lisa! Steve Hillage is one of those associated with the ‘prog-rock’ movement of the 70’s. That is true in that those artists where all super talented but the differentiator about Steve Hillage (or to me at least!) was that he really focused on the dreamy side of ‘music’. Really easy stuff to close your eyes to!

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