NHT015: MARK ISHAM – Tibet Part 3


This weeks instalment of NEVER HEARD THAT is a real treat.

MARK ISHAM is an enormously talented musician whose music portrays an immense beauty.

This was picked up by the industry early in his career and he has since been asked to write many, many soundtracks for film and television.

If you enjoy this one, you have a world of MARK ISHAM music to discover.

First up though, join him on a trip to Tibet.

Please enjoy this weeks NEVER HEARD THAT.

Cheers, Andrew Muecke

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  1. Cooper Starkey says:

    Thanks for sharing Andrew, I looked him up and found that he did the music for The Mist.

    • admin says:

      Good stuff Cooper, thanks for your post. It is amazing when you get to see how much he has done. I haven’t heard it all but what I have, I love. It can be jazz, orchestra, ambient electronica…anything!

  2. Warren McKenzie says:

    Bought this album as part of the windham hill collections. Great stuff

    • admin says:

      Nice work Warren! When I started to really discover the label I remember having conversations with my friends about wanting to buy the whole collection. That never did happen but to be honest I have heaps anyway!

  3. LisaSunriseGirl says:

    I LOVED it.. I will check out to add to ‘home listening’.

    • admin says:

      Good stuff Lisa. So much of what Mark Isham does is special. You will be rewarded if you listen to any of his material!

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