Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. Britpop came along in the mid-1990’s and was quite a departure from the gloomy grunge movement that had been emanating from the US. Two bands dominated the Britpop scene – that was “Oasis” and “Blur”. They were at verbal war with each Read More

NHT062: FALLING JOYS – Burnt So Low

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. When you meet some friends down at a pub for a drink which also hosts bands, you don’t necessarily have any expectation for what you might hear. And so it was when I did this very thing one night out in Canberra Read More

NHT061: NELLY FURTADO – My Love Grows Deeper

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. Canadian musician Nelly Furtado has had a very interesting career. Starting out as an electronic, almost trip-hop artist with Spanish overtones, she was very successful with her debut album and key single “I’m Like A Bird”. From those slightly alternative leanings, she Read More


Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. I have mentioned in a few shows about how much respect I have for community radio stations. The announcers aren’t paid, but do it simply for the passion they hold for music. Over the years I have been introduced to so much Read More

NHT059: SHRIEKBACK – All Lined Up

Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. Sometimes a band or song only comes to your attention for a short period of time. There may be whole range of reasons for why that happens but they still represent a “time capsule” for that certain period of your life. In Read More

NHT058: GEORGE WINSTON – Longing / Love

Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. Some people may question their interest in listening to solo piano – particularly those that feel that there were forced to learn the instrument as youngsters! I would like to say to you that this weeks feature artist, Amercian musician George Winston Read More

NHT057: RUSSELL MILLS – Stones Egg

Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. Russell Mills is a wonderfully innovative artist. In addition to traditional art formats, over the years he has designed record and CD covers for many successful artists. He must be a pretty nice person because over those years he has built a Read More

NHT056: MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Instrumental #2

Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. I wasn’t sure which My Bloody Valentine track to select and may have taken the easy way out. This song, “Instrumental Track #2” for me is a transitionary one. With a more electronic sound this is like the blueprint which hints on Read More

NHT055: NEW ORDER – 586

Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. ‘New Order’ are a very well-known band with many book and films written about them and their first incarnation ‘Joy Division’. By the release of the stand-alone single “Blue Monday” and their second album, “Power, Corruption and Lies” in 1983, ‘New Order’ Read More

NHT054: CAN – Future Days

Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. Over the years I had read many times about the legend that was German band “CAN”. They were often quoted as being ‘improvisation’ pioneers and the kings of avant-garde art rock. It also took me many years before I got the opportunity Read More