NHT070: TWEAKER – Take Me Alive

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. There is no doubt in my mind that drummers make very good musical programmers – I know of a number of them. It could be that as they are the ones that need to keep things in “time”, this perhaps helps them Read More

NHT069: FIONA APPLE – Sleep To Dream

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. We may often come across the phrase “precocious talent” when reading newspapers and the like. In my humble opinion, it is the best possible phrase to use to describe Fiona Apple. Identified as a youngster, she was able to release her debut Read More

NHT068: MASSIVE ATTACK – Saturday Come Slow

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. Music aficionados are likely to know “Massive Attack” very well. They recorded four albums from the early 90’s through to the early 00’s which are likely to remain in “best of all time” lists for a long, long time to come. Same Read More


Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. In the mid 1980’s Japanese band “Sandii and the Sunsetz” started to do very well. Tracks like Sticky Music saw them achieve strong commercial success in many lands. Prior to the that however, they had a close association with Yellow Music Orchestra Read More

NHT066: SIGUR ROS – Saeglopur

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. There are many ways that we can stumble upon new music, some quite unexpected. Music stores are sadly very rare these days, but over the years, I have had my ears prick up on occasions when I have gone in to have Read More

NHT065: ADRIAN BELEW – Naive Guitar

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. To call Adrian Belew a ‘gun-guitarist for hire’ is to do him a great disservice. Since the late 70’s he has been plying his trade with some of the very greats of music. Take Frank Zappa, David Bowie and Talking Heads to Read More


Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. Natalie Imbruglia did things differently – she did not follow the same path as her soapie star contemporaries. Her debut album “Left of Middle” was mammoth and spawned a series of very successful singles. This was an impressive achievement made more so Read More


Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. Britpop came along in the mid-1990’s and was quite a departure from the gloomy grunge movement that had been emanating from the US. Two bands dominated the Britpop scene – that was “Oasis” and “Blur”. They were at verbal war with each Read More

NHT062: FALLING JOYS – Burnt So Low

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. When you meet some friends down at a pub for a drink which also hosts bands, you don’t necessarily have any expectation for what you might hear. And so it was when I did this very thing one night out in Canberra Read More

NHT061: NELLY FURTADO – My Love Grows Deeper

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. Canadian musician Nelly Furtado has had a very interesting career. Starting out as an electronic, almost trip-hop artist with Spanish overtones, she was very successful with her debut album and key single “I’m Like A Bird”. From those slightly alternative leanings, she Read More