NHT061: NELLY FURTADO – My Love Grows Deeper

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. Canadian musician Nelly Furtado has had a very interesting career. Starting out as an electronic, almost trip-hop artist with Spanish overtones, she was very successful with her debut album and key single “I’m Like A Bird”. From those slightly alternative leanings, she Read More


Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. I have mentioned in a few shows about how much respect I have for community radio stations. The announcers aren’t paid, but do it simply for the passion they hold for music. Over the years I have been introduced to so much Read More

NHT059: SHRIEKBACK – All Lined Up

Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. Sometimes a band or song only comes to your attention for a short period of time. There may be whole range of reasons for why that happens but they still represent a “time capsule” for that certain period of your life. In Read More

NHT058: GEORGE WINSTON – Longing / Love

Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. Some people may question their interest in listening to solo piano – particularly those that feel that there were forced to learn the instrument as youngsters! I would like to say to you that this weeks feature artist, Amercian musician George Winston Read More

NHT057: RUSSELL MILLS – Stones Egg

Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. Russell Mills is a wonderfully innovative artist. In addition to traditional art formats, over the years he has designed record and CD covers for many successful artists. He must be a pretty nice person because over those years he has built a Read More

NHT056: MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Instrumental #2

Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. I wasn’t sure which My Bloody Valentine track to select and may have taken the easy way out. This song, “Instrumental Track #2” for me is a transitionary one. With a more electronic sound this is like the blueprint which hints on Read More

NHT055: NEW ORDER – 586

Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. ‘New Order’ are a very well-known band with many book and films written about them and their first incarnation ‘Joy Division’. By the release of the stand-alone single “Blue Monday” and their second album, “Power, Corruption and Lies” in 1983, ‘New Order’ Read More

NHT054: CAN – Future Days

Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. Over the years I had read many times about the legend that was German band “CAN”. They were often quoted as being ‘improvisation’ pioneers and the kings of avant-garde art rock. It also took me many years before I got the opportunity Read More

NHT053: THE GLOVE – A Blues In Drag

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. The Glove, for want of a better description, were an early 80’s alternative supergroup who released just the one record. Key members were Robert Smith from The Cure and Steve Severin from Siouxsie and the Banshees. When you listen to the album, Read More

NHT052: TRICKY – Makes Me Wanna Die

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. UK musician Tricky is never one to stand still. An integral part of the trip-hop movement he has since gone just about everywhere musically. A risk taker, certainly avant-garde, but at the same time a pioneer and innovator, he continues on his Read More