Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. One of the (many!) things that I love about music is when you stumble upon something that turns out to be very special. Acting on an ‘inkling’, I went to see a live performance of the Ambient Orchestra (admittedly that inkling came Read More

NHT079: THE MONKEES – The Porpoise Song

Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. Often when people think of “The Monkees” they think of the US TV show based around the comedic antics of a band that mimicked The Beatles but whose members didn’t actually write their own songs or play their instruments. That particular label Read More


Hi, Welcome to this week’s “Never Heard That”. Australian electronic music artist, Simon Lewicki, aka Groove Terminator has been at the top of his game for a long time. He was a part of the ever expanding dance music genre in the 90’s. This was as part of a small Read More

NHT077: THE CURE – Sinking

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. “The Cure” probably require no introduction. Formed in 1976, they are still going strong. Although closely associated with the goth rock genre, that is unfairly limiting. Robert Smith and his team were unafraid of trying their hand across many genres, often with Read More

NHT076: WEEN – Mutilated Lips

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. It is no understatement to say that Gene and Dean Ween, aka “Ween”, were a one-off. Words like ‘strange’, ‘weird’ and ‘difficult’ abound when discussion focuses on “Ween”. The use of those words is not unwarranted and I can imagine that Gene Read More

NHT075: PETE MURPHY – Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. After his stint with UK band Bauhaus in the early eighties and vampire like performances, vocalist Pete Murphy was called the godfather of Goth. Not a bad achievement that’s for sure but what that didn’t reflect was a musician who was growing Read More


Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. UK band Sneaker Pimps burst on to the scene in the mid 90’s with a particularly sophisticated take on electronica, celebrating both dance and ambient chill. Debut single “6 Underground” and album “Becoming X” were hugely successful. Losing your vocalist, who was Read More

NHT073: THE CHURCH – Constant In Opal

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. Formed in 1980, Australian band “The Church” have had a very long career that continues to this day. In that long career, they have definitely seen some massive highs – their 1988 album “Starfish” and single “Under the Milky Way” saw them Read More

NHT072: SWERVEDRIVER – Never Learn

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. UK band Swervedriver were one of those rare bands that had a really huge live sound. When playing they didn’t jump around and play loud. Instead they would focus on their instruments and take the listener on a power journey of musical Read More

NHT071: THE BLUE NILE – A Walk Across The Rooftops

Hi, Welcome to this weeks “Never Heard That”. Scottish band “The Blue Nile” were not a prolific band but they sure knew how to write a song full of emotion. From humble beginnings musically, they forged a well-respected career creating their own unique sound. In life we discover those songs Read More