There is so much music out there. So much that we never get to hear. Sometimes this music can be the very best. This is often the artist who wears their heart on their sleeve, creating passionate works of art – the type of artist (or track!) that bursts our heart wide open and we take with us through the rest of our lives.
This is the music I want to highlight.

Some of the artists I post you will have heard of (and some may have achieved success in their home nation) but the tracks that I will select will tend to be album tracks, B-sides or obscurities, not singles.

There will be no specific order. One week a track will come from the 1960’s, the next will have been released the day before yesterday. Some will be vocal, some instrumental, some ambient and some rocking. A lot of these tracks sit outside of the square. My only advice is to give them a listen at least twice.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy!

Now, where to start?

Andrew Muecke 2018

PODCASTS – Quick Links

NHT001: Zero 7 – End Theme (or on YouTube)

NHT002: Al Di Meola – Pictures of the Sea (or on YouTube)

NHT003: Lamb – Darkness (or on YouTube)

NHT004: Simple Minds – Theme for Great Cities (or on YouTube)

NHT005: Daniel Lanois – Whole Lotta Love to Give (or on YouTube)

NHT006: Elvis Presley – Crawfish (or on YouTube)

NHT007: Penguin Café Orchestra – Chartered Flight (or on YouTube)

NHT008: Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck (or on YouTube)

NHT009: Richard Barbieri – Light on Glass (or on YouTube)

NHT010: Dave Matthews Band – Let You Down (or on YouTube)

NHT011: Gondwanaland – World’s End (or on YouTube)

NHT012: Sufjan Stevens – Fourth of July (or on YouTube)

NHT013: Michael Hedges – Ariel Boundaries (or on YouTube)

NHT014: Icehouse – The Mountain (or on YouTube)

NHT015: Mark Isham – Tibet Part 3 (or on YouTube)

NHT016: Siouxsie and the Banshees – Dizzy (or on YouTube)

NHT017: Peter Gabriel – Of These, Hope (or on YouTube)

NHT018: Regurgitator – Kung Foo Sing (or on YouTube)

NHT019: Edgar Meyer – Early Morning (or on YouTube)

NHT020: The Cardigans – Losers (or on YouTube)

NHT021: U2 – Bass Trap (or on YouTube)

NHT022: Underground Lovers – Holiday (or on YouTube)

NHT023: Steve Hillage – Palm Trees (or on YouTube)

NHT024: Bjork – Hyperballad (Brodsky Quartet) (or on YouTube)

NHT025: William Ackerman – Rain To River (or on YouTube)

NHT026: B-52’s – Girl from Ipanema (or on YouTube)

NHT027: Faithless – Flyin Hi (or on YouTube)

NHT028: Tangerine Dream – Love on a Real Train (or on YouTube)

NHT029: Mark Hollis – Watershed (or on YouTube)

NHT030: Slowdive – Crazy for You (or on YouTube)

NHT031: Hector Zazou – Amdyaz (or on YouTube)

NHT032: The Police – Bring on the Night (or on YouTube)

NHT033: Yellow Magic Orchestra – Seoul Music (or on YouTube)

NHT034: Talking Heads – Born Under Punches (or on YouTube)

NHT035: David Byrne – Cloud Chamber (or on YouTube)

NHT036: Jerry Harrison – The Red Nights (or on YouTube)

NHT037: Tom Tom Club – As Above, So Below (or on YouTube)

NHT038: David Byrne and Brian Eno – America is Waiting (or on YouTube)

NHT039: Jon Hassell – Last Night The Moon Came

NHT040: Barrington Pheloung – Sisters (or on YouTube)

NHT041: Mogwai – Ex Cowboy (or on YouTube)

NHT042: This Mortal Coil – Kookaburra (or on YouTube)

NHT043: Robert Fripp – Water Music II (or on YouTube)

NHT044: Thomas Feiner & Anywhen – Yonderhead (or on YouTube)

NHT045: Climax Blues Band – Chasing Change (or on YouTube)

NHT046: The The – Giant (or on YouTube)

NHT047: Tanita Tikaram – Love Story (or on YouTube)

NHT048: Steven Wilson – Pariah (or on YouTube)

NHT049: Genesis – Carpet Crawlers (or on YouTube)

NHT050: Beck – Heart Is A Drum (or on YouTube)

NHT051: Luscious Jackson – Ladyfingers (or on YouTube)

NHT052: Tricky – Makes Me Wanna Die (or on YouTube)

NHT053: The Glove – A Blues In Drag (or on YouTube)

NHT054: CAN – Future Days (or on YouTube)

NHT055: New Order – 586 (or on YouTube)

NHT056: My Bloody Valentine – Instrumental #2 (or on YouTube)

NHT057: Russell Mills – Stones Egg (or on YouTube)

NHT058: George Winston – Longing / Love (or on YouTube)

NHT059: Shriekback – All Lined Up (or on YouTube)

NHT060: No Fixed Address – Pigs (or on YouTube)

NHT061: Nelly Furtado – My Love Grows Deeper (or on YouTube)

NHT062: Falling Joys – Burnt So Low (or on YouTube)

NHT063: Thousand Yard Stare – Comeuppance (or on YouTube)

NHT064: Natalie Imbruglia – Leave Me Alone (or on YouTube)

NHT065: Adrian Belew – Naive Guitar (or on YouTube)

NHT066: Sigur Ros – Saeglopur (or on YouTube)

NHT067: Sandii And The Sunsetz – An Antenna (or on YouTube)

NHT068: Massive Attack – Saturday Come Slow (or on YouTube)

NHT069: Fiona Apple – Sleep To Dream (or on YouTube)

NHT070: Tweaker – Take Me Alive (or on YouTube)

NHT071: The Blue Nile – A Walk Across The Rooftops (or on YouTube)

NHT072: Swervedriver – Never Learn (or on YouTube)

NHT073: The Church – Constant In Opal (or on YouTube)

NHT074: Sneaker Pimps – Grazes (or on YouTube)

NHT075: Pete Murphy – Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem (or on YouTube)

NHT076: Ween – Mutilated Lips (or on YouTube)

NHT077: The Cure – Sinking (or on YouTube)

NHT078: Groove Terminator – You Are Here (or on YouTube)

NHT079: The Monkees – The Porpoise Song (or on YouTube)

NHT080: Ambient Orchestra – Frog’s Eye (or on YouTube)